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Women who are crushing it in cannabis

Because cannabis is a new frontier, it is attracting all sorts of pioneers to it. One in particular is a standout pioneer, taking Jupiter Research, a leading designer, developer and manufacturer of vaporizing technologies from the ground up.

Kaila Strong is the Director of Marketing at Jupiter and has been inventing the playbook for B2B marketing of a product that sits on the intersection of cannabis and tech. She joins me to talk about what it’s like to help lead the charge in this rapidly growing industry and she shares useful information about the physics of vaporization, why not all vaporizers are built the same, what to look for, and what people need to know about safety.


About Jupiter Research

Jupiter is an exclusive distributor of CCELL technology, which they also helped engineer.  Jupiter is headquartered in Scottsdale, AZ with presence here in Toronto and partnerships with LPs across Canada and the US.

About Kaila Strong

Kaila Strong is the Director of Marketing at Jupiter Research, the leading provider of vaporizer cartridges and power supplies designed specifically for cannabis oil. 
In her role at Jupiter, Kaila leads the marketing team, overseeing all strategy and execution. She brings extensive experience in both digital and traditional marketing and advertising to her role. Kaila enjoys Jupiter’s fast-paced environment and its focus on people, products and processes.

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