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Dabbling in dipping. A discreet new way to enjoy your cannabis

In Humboldt, California there is a large population of ‘dippers’.

Dippers like to chew tobacco or ‘dip’ it. So Caitlin Prager, Operations Manager of Cannadips says they have a two pronged challenge reaching audiences. One is to convert dippers from tobacco to cannabis and the second? Trying to encourage consumers (new and experienced) to abandon the stigma and try this discreet and safe way to consume.

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More and more, they are finding women coming on board as consumers. In an attempt to deepen their relationship with women, they have designed functional, hip and gender-neutral packaging. They’ve also developed flavours that really are geared to a female audience.

Why are women such an important audience and how are brands like Cannadips trying to reach them? Tune in while Caitlin and I talk about the process, the benefits and the hope to create a new kind of ‘dipper’.

About Caitlin

Caitlin received her undergrad in Biology at Humboldt State University in 2016 and started working for Cannadips soon thereafter.  As soon as she arrived in the Emerald Triangle to attend HSU, she found herself organically immersed in the cannabis scene.  She trimmed her way through college allowing her to form connections and bonds that led where she is today.  Her role at Cannadips is forever evolving.  Because they are a small team they wear many hats.  Her main focus is optimization of current matrices and creating new formulas/flavors.  Along with finding ways to further educate consumers and those alike about the science behind Cannadips.

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