I like to bust stigmas around marriage, menopause, marijuana and motherhood.

Cranking up the heat in the bedroom

I should start by saying it’s a good thing this is a podcast because part of this conversation had both Angela and I blushing (or was it a hot flash?)! It has something to do with a Pineapple.

Dude, where’s my libido?

For the past few years my sex life has tanked dramatically. I blame 70% of it on menopause and the discomfort that can come with her. But then there’s the other 30% we can’t blame on hormones. There’s the day to day grind, the exhaustion, balancing kids, careers and marriage and the lack of passion and ‘newness’ in a 15 year old relationship. That’s a reality for many couples.

A dwindling sex life can lead to all sorts of problems both physically and mentally. Physically, if we don’t ‘utilize’ our uterus- we could very well lose it. With dryness and a thinning lining – our uterus can atrophy or, brace yourself, fall right out. While that’s not sooo common, it’s still a possibility.

If we slowly watch our sex lives set sail, we lose an important physical connection with our partners as well and that can cause stress and turmoil in a marriage as well.

Sexy time – with a partner or on your own

But sex isn’t just for those who have ‘consciously coupled’, it’s for everyone regardless of relationship status. And as women, we have to start putting ourselves first and to that point – self love is critical (Yes. I mean masturbation. There. I said it). It’s critical for our bodies and our minds.

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High on Love is opening up the conversation about sex and why we need more of it! And as women, we shouldn’t be afraid to say we love it or want it. Times, they are a changing and it’s time for everyone to realize we can love sex just as much as anyone else – and be damn proud of the fact that you want to spice up your sex life.

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