I like to bust stigmas around marriage, menopause, marijuana and motherhood.

A discreet but bad-ass way to store your stash

We’re still at the stage where newbies to cannabis would like to keep things a little discreet. So how can you do that without looking like you’ve got something to hide? I’m speaking with Michele who is the founder/owner of Pretty Dope Accessories and her cannabis bags are just that – pretty and dope.

pretty dope accessories, cannabis accessories
Odour-trapping storage

This luxurious collection of discreet cannabis accessories allows women to integrate cannabis into their lifestyle with ease and confidence. The colours are refreshing and elegant and the bag itself feels like something you’d find on the shelves at Indigo. And so they should be – just as you would find a nice wine bag there. It’s part of the motion to normalize cannabis.


Stigma aside, just trying to figure out what strain is right for us or how to consume (how to roll a joint 101, anyone?), can be daunting and intimidating. There’s a lot of terminology and information around cannabis that can alienate and confuse us. So it’s simple things like an approachable bag that fits nicely in with our current lifestyle and doesn’t make us feel like we have a ‘dirty secret’ that helps to introduce us and integrate us with cannabis.

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Don’t know how to roll a joint? Voila!

We shouldn’t be ashamed of wanting to enjoy something that is good for our bodies. I’m always excited to talk to entrepreneurs like Michelle who recognize that there is a wide audience of women who aren’t legacy users but are definitely canna-curious. And understanding this importance audience and marketing products that align with their concerns and interests is taking us step by baby step closer to acceptance and normalization.

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