I like to bust stigmas around marriage, menopause, marijuana and motherhood.

Now you can enjoy the highs and the lows of cannabis

I’ve had so many great guests on to talk about all the positive benefits of cannabis but rarely do you hear me talk about the downside. First of all, that’s because the experience is different for everyone because everyone is different. For many, the ‘lows’ outweigh the highs when it comes to considering trying cannabis – especially with edibles which are known for their next day ‘fog’. I personally feel a bit shaky and just generally ‘off’ the morning after.

livli, folium labs, menopause, wine women and weed, she 2.0, jacquie court, livli, multivitaminIn this episode I’m joined by Dmitri Budovitch, co-founder of Folium Labs in Quebec. They have produced a daily multi-vitamin that helps with those pesky after effects like brain fog. LIVLI Multivitamin provides a series of benefits for cannabis users such as energy boost, cognitive improvement, brain fog removal as well as a bolstered immune system.



Brain fog? That sounds familiar

Once I learned the amazing benefits of Livli, I quickly related it to my menopause symptoms – brain fog, cognitive impairment and an improved immune system? That ticks off a lot of boxes for women going through perimenopause and beyond. This is a vitamin for anyone – not just people taking cannabis.

Munchie no more

cannabis 101, cannabis, cannabis podcast, edibles, cbd, thc, menopause, she 2.0, potcast, jacquie court, north of 40, munchiesFor many, especially us women, the munchies are another downside of cannabis consumption. Who wants to gain any more weight? Especially during COVID when the snack drawer is open season as it is? MunchAssist is going to help with that. While having the munchies (and satisfying them) are very much part of the social interaction, we’re all watching our waist lines. MunchAssist acts as a bit of an appetite suppressant so you can enjoy the experience with no regrets.


Learn more by visiting livelivli.com, and  follow them on Instagram @livelivli

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