I like to bust stigmas around marriage, menopause, marijuana and motherhood.

A not often heard conversation about wine, women & menopause

It isn’t very often I have a conversation with a man about menopause and the crazy things women go through. So this episode is an episode that takes some amazing and insightful twists. Jimmy Ricard is COO of PureEvie and Holistic Magnified as well a passionate educator who has worked with alternate medical approaches for awhile.

What starts out as a conversation on CBD and how it can help with menopause symptoms turns into a deep heart to heart about menopause, its symptoms and how it impacts women, men and everyone around else around those of us going through it.

So who is Jimmy?

Jimmy co-founded and ran one of the largest privately held “in-school” science education programs on the east coast, educating over 1 million children. After more than a decade “edu-taining” teachers and students he joined the Hemp/Cannabis industry as part of a founding team of cannabis vending machines. Combining this venture with his passion for education, science and health,  Jimmy saw the industry’s need for quality products and consumer education. It was these core beliefs that led to the launch of  a small-batch Holistic Hemp Company – Holistic Magnified.

Jimmy is also a ladies man

Jimmy has daughters and he is proud to keep the lines of communication open with very candid conversations about all the things going on with their bodies. It takes a confident kind of guy to be able to talk about periods and hormones! These are lucky girls.

Our conversation feels like it could go on forever but we’ll carry it on during another episode. I really enjoyed our chat and I think you will too so tune in!

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