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A seat at the table for everyone

Thanks but not thanks to Harvey Weinstein, Diversity & Inclusion has become the hot topic for the past few years. The much needed discussion around “D&I” has become critical to every industry and every sector. D&I isn’t just a ‘feel good’ initiative though. Research has proven that having diverse viewpoints at all levels of an organization improves business in every area from financial results to corporate culture, team performance and innovation.

Since the first accusation, more and more individuals and groups have come forward to rally behind programs and policies that encourage representation and participation from diverse groups of people including gender, race and ethnicity, abilities and disabilities, religions, cultures, ages, sexual orientations as well as people with diverse backgrounds, experiences, skills and expertise.

Today, I’m joined by Rachel Colic, Chief Strategist at YCREATIVE, and Founder of the IDEO Summit to talk about how D&I not only fits into the business of cannabis industry, but how Rachel and her team are working hard to make sure it firmly embedded into the foundation of the entire industry.

Rachel is also Founder of Boss Ladies of Cannabis and Host & Producer, Cannabis TV; Co-Host, High Friends Podcast

Some things mentioned in this podcast:

IDEO Summit

WeedMD and Dan Bilzerian

Tabitha Fritz

Emma Baron – @acronemm

CannTrust and Peter Aceto

Boss Ladies of Advertising

Boss Ladies of Cannabis

Huffington Post – Is the cannabis industry leaving women behind? 

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