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Am I breaking up with wine?

I am a huge wine lover. I would even go as far as to say I am wine’s number one fan. But I’m also becoming more and more aware of the toll it is taking on me and other women. We know there are serious health risks to consuming alcohol consistently but for many of us, wine is a social thing, it’s a taste we love and something we use to connect. It’s our reward at the end of a long day. In short – for many of us it’s a crutch and we’re modelling this behaviour right in front of our kids.

alana burstein, vivwines, cannabis infused wines, cannabis, edibles, wine, women and wine, cabernet sauvignon, pinot grigio, niagara college, niagara vineyards, vineyardsI’m not sure if you believe in unicorns because I never did – until I met Alana Burstein. She is the amazingly talented and insightful founder and creator of Vivwine.com. And this is where the unicorn part comes in. She is working with grape growers in Sonoma valley to produce varietals of wine that have the same amazing flavour WITHOUT the alcohol or sugar content. What about the buzz? These wines are infused with THC and CBD so you still get that great buzz – without the calories and all the other things we don’t like about wine. Don’t believe me?

Tune in to hear more as I chat with Alana. By the end – you’ll get what I mean about the unicorn thing.

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