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An important learning tool on Pink Shirt Day

It’s Pink Shirt Day and so it seems appropriate that Julie and I are tackling the bullying issue. We talk so much as parents about tactics to help our kids but we’re missing one critical tool – role modelling! How many times have we inadvertently demonstrated bullying behaviour of our own? And are you even aware that you might have? When it comes to modelling behaviour for our kids it’s really important we walk the walk.

How we treat others and allow others to treat us sets a big example to our kids and it’s important that we do this in order to help them get through their own struggles.


lisa lisson, resilience, pink shirt day, pink day, anti bullying, bullyingBut one of the most important tools we can give our kids, not just for bullying but life in general is the ability to be resilient and we’re talking about that today. Because when you’re resilient – things hurt less. Stay tuned as we’re also giving away Lisa Lisson’s book called “Resilience’. Her story is one of courage and triumph and an incredible read.


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