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Can cannabis make you pretty?

How do we define beauty and what is our relationship to it? But better yet – can cannabis really make us pretty? Chatting with Brandi is like talking to an old friend who you can say anything to and are never jarred by their opinions. And Brandi has MANY opinions – not all so popular either. For example – can cannabis as an ingredient really up the value of a beauty product? I admire that Brandi has the balls to speak out against old (and new) beliefs about beauty. Not only that, Brandi is unapologetic about the dominating male presence on her board, but she is more than happy to tell you why.

More on my new ‘bud’, Brandi

Brandi is the CEO and founder of Evio Beauty Group. Her story is incredibly unique, interesting and above all – inspirational. At the age of 21, Leifso was living in a women’s shelter where she founded the concept for Evelyn Iona.

Since then, Brandi has successfully established relationships with over 50 coveted retailers including QVC, Credo, and Aillea before establishing a direct to market model. Brandi secured a spot as a 2018 alumni member of the esteemed Sephora Accelerate program. Her story of triumph has been highlighted in Flare,  Elle, CBC and she was recently chosen as one of Chatelaine’s 2018 Women of the Year!

Brandi has played a key part in breaking stigmas and glass ceilings for young women and has raised more than $1.4m in pre-seed through strategic alliances with manufacturing giants and has won the support of a coveted board of directors and advisors while continuing to build the Evio Beauty Group portfolio. Brandi is most passionate about social change through organizations that she supports including the Canadian Women’s foundation.

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