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Cannabis during a time of COVID

Isolation, quarantine and physical distancing are all starting to get us either down or downright antsy. We’re all chomping at the bit to go outdoors, see friends and hug family. During a time like this it’s important to practice self-care, patience and anything we can do keep our nerves as calm as possible. We’re going to need it.  This is where some people are really discovering the calming and ‘chill’ benefits of cannabis.

Getting to market during a global pandemic

So what better time to launch a cannabis brand? Starting up a cannabis focused business is tricky enough but imagine having COVID put a wrench in your roll out? The Green Cannabis Company is a Toronto-based company that is committed to eco-ethical and sustainable products. Their handmade sustainable smoke wear is inspired by nature – even as local as High Park. And while production can be tricky, they are definitely rolling out during a time of need.

green cannabis co, jp gravina, cannabis accessories, home-made cannabis accessories, cannabis artisans, jacquie court, she 2.0, wine women and weed, podcastToday I’m joined by JP Gravina – founder and CEO of the Green Cannabis Co. He’s going to walk me through all the beautifully hand-crafted pieces in what I like to call the  ‘COVID Survival Kit’ I received.

We also talk about why cannabis is an important tool in our COVID arsenal right now and some challenges the company is facing when it comes to gearing up during a global pandemic.green cannabis co, jp gravina, cannabis accessories, cannabis podcast, jacquie court, wine women and weed, she 2.0

You can find these beautiful pieces online or at selected retailers and online. Follow them on Instagram to see all their beautiful new products.

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