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Cannabis entrepreneurs – building a brand in the wild west of compliance and regulations

What does it look like to be a pioneer in the Canadian cannabis industry? To start with, you have to have some pretty big kahunas to weather the regulatory storm. Does that make cannabis entrepreneurs a little different from the rest?

Tabitha Fritz, serial entrepreneur and founder of Fritz Cannabis Company would agree that these entrepreneurs are a different breed all together – and for good reason. While it seems that ‘white, wealthy business men’ are leading the charge, there is great expectation that cannabis will soon be a female led industry.

Until we see that happen, these innovative and brave entrepreneurs have to make it through the next level of compliance for edibles and all the complicated roadblocks the Cannabis Act puts in their path.

Join Tabitha and I to hear more on what this new entrepreneur looks like and how they are pushing their businesses to market. Catch Tabitha and I at Oh Cannabiz in April!

You can find out more about Tabitha at The Green Tent, Fritz Cannabis Company and Bast!

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