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Cheers for Beer!

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First off, I want to thank Jacq for having me as a guest writer here!

That aside, let’s get down to brass tax…beer is the ultimate summer beverage.

Not convinced? Well, let’s take a quick look at the weekend extravaganza that is the Toronto Festival of Beer.

I got few different perspectives from the festival this weekend and, while there are always pros and cons, one common theme shone through: it was a blast.

One beer rep (from a brewery that shall go unnamed as I don’t like to play favourites) told me how many friendly industry folks she’s met, new friends she’s found amongst the patrons and mostly how much fun the heat stricken days have been, “it doesn’t feel like work”. This epitomizes the “new” beer scene.

beer, summer, cocktails, beer festival, mooseheadBeer is and has seemingly always been a “session” drink. The answer to those long days in the sun when you want a refreshing buzz but nothing too overpowering. That’s why craft breweries and big beer have both started creating fruitier, easier drinking beers, so that people can share in the joy of casual sessions during the dregs of a smoking hot summer when you need to unwind after a long week.

Now, as I took a break from the incessant crowds and heat, I also got chatting with a couple other festival goers, a marketing rep and her graphic designer boyfriend. They have taken in the festival for a number of years and have come to see it not as a chance to sample new craft beers (“they all blend together”) but rather a chance to take in the carnival-esque spectacle that the festival has become. It is seemingly no longer about tastings, but rather who can have the coolest booth…and let me tell you, there are some phenomenal booths.cocktails, spirits, beer, beer festival, moosehead, hops

In short, beer is the ultimate summer drink because, if you really want to, you’ll find a brew just for you. There’s no shortage of flavours so you can find one that suits your palette and isn’t too harsh to handle (or go for a cider!).

hop city, beer festival, toronto festival of beer, mooseheadBeer also lays claim to being the official drink of summer fun. Games, contests, social extravaganzas that seemingly get bigger and bolder every year, it’s a session drink designed to pair with sunshine and shenanigans.


Wine is great for an easy night on the porch…beer is your escape to a wonderful enchanting world of fun in the sun.

Thanks for having me Drinksatsix!


Matt Teed-Arthur

Marketing strategist by day, writer and musician by nature. Check out my YouTube for some acoustic originals: MTAMusic or follow me on Instagram! @mteed90

Matt is a firecracker – a great writer and client whisperer who has great taste in music – and beer! So glad he offered to attend this fun event and to report back to us on it!