I like to bust stigmas around marriage, menopause, marijuana and motherhood.

Comedy and cannabis – what could be better?

Today I try to keep it serious with Jackie Rae Aubel and Amanda Salvatore. Jackie and Amanda are comedians and comedy writing duo and hosts of the fabulous Guilty Pleasure Podcast from sunny LA. Therefore, being serious is a little more challenging than I thought.

We’re talking about how using cannabis can inspire creativity. However,  it’s hard to stay serious with these two especially as we share some epic edible fails! It’s important to note that we all agree that cannabis is great for silencing the inner critic but if you really need to get down to the executional details, you may want to lay off the weed. Consider it better for business.

And if you happen to have a guilty pleasure you’re brave enough to share – check out their awesome podcast, “Guilty Pleasure’. You’ll definitely find your tribe!

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