I like to bust stigmas around marriage, menopause, marijuana and motherhood.

Did CBD land me in the ER?

It’s summer and in Canada that means cottages, cabins, camping and patio season. In the cannabis world, it also means a busy time as everyone ramps up for phase 2 of legalization (yeah! gummies!).

In short – that means it’s hard to track down guests. And because it’s been a crazy few months (tune in to find out why), Wine, women & weed is moving to a summer schedule of every 2 weeks. However I’ll be back to the weekly schedule in the fall.

Tune in to find out how CBD oil landed me in the ER and the realization I had about how not understanding cannabis could have seriously impacted my health. I also talk about my thoughts on changing things up a bit on the podcast and why.

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Just kidding -I totally don’t own a cottage

Tune in – from the dock, the deck, the patio or wherever your summer ‘office’ is located!

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