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Did Jesus use cannabis?

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Like most women, this ancient lady is multi-tasking and while we might say – “A fancy vape, a tiger and a weapon – what more could a woman want?”, I’d say she could be using one of these hands to also handle a glass of ancient Cab Sav!

Today I am joined by Lisa Solis DeLong –RN, Author/Speak/Spiritual Teacher/Plant Med Advocate and TEDx speaker. Lisa and I cover a LOT in this podcast! Join us to hear some really interesting information on cannabis in ancient cultures (spoiler alert – Jesus and Shakespeare appear to have had a thing for the bud too!) and some interesting ways cannabis is good for weight loss. Lisa is fll of really interesting information and tidbits! We also share some great resources you should consider such as personalizing your experience with your own ritual box (we suggest Milkweed’s beautiful box) and how to find out what strain is right for you.

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Some great resources we want to share from our discussion:

Lisa has a Rythmia retreat coming up that she mentions. This information is outdated but will give you an idea and we’ll update you with the new information once we have it!


Leafly is my favourite site to learn about all the different strains and their properties

Strainprint is the best place to start a profile, document your usage and watch the pattern emerge to show you which strains and doses work best for you!

Lisa also references some fascinating articles from cannabisandspirituality.com

Lisa also refers to this article on the healing uses of cannabis by ancient cultures around the world

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