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Cannabis for the Canna-Curious

For new users there are still so many questions circling around cannabis. What’s the difference between CBD and THC? How can I consume? Is vaping safe? Will I get high? That’s why Cori , a health and wellness retail brand has launched BCCL – The Bureau of Cannabis Consuming Ladies. But it’s not just for ladies because their research shows that everyone has questions and lots of them! These hands-on workshop style events are designed to help answer questions in a safe, supportive and stigma-free environment.


Help for the ‘Canna-Curious’

learning about cannabis, cbbl, coriKiernan Patenaude, Head of Retail Strategy at Cori joins me today to talk about the importance of an educational approach to help deliver confidence and a positive experience for the ‘canna-curious’. Find out why these events are attracting so many attendees and what they can hope to learn from BCCL.

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