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Bringing some personality back to the dating scene

I don’t know about you but I am tired of the ‘flatness’ of the Internet. Meeting people through messages we type or only have 300 words to judge whether I want to meet someone or not. The reality is that body language tells us far more than a words in a profile. We get a truer sense of who we’re communicating with through non-verbal communication.

If someone writes a profile saying they’re happy all the time and super funny, how do I know you’re telling the truth? Hell, how do I know if they even wrote their own profile? We find out more about a person by meeting them and seeing the way they smile or a quirky but cute expression they have. You know, stuff that just doesn’t shine through in a written description. Stuff you never even think to tell people about yourself.online dating, dating, video dating, zepeel

A friend who was tired of the same old online dating options recently introduced me to Zepeel, a new video-dating app. I was pretty impressed to see a new dating service that brings back the old school way of dating – personality. On Zepeel you start with a video profile and can send and receive personal video messages instead of just text. You get so much more information from that person in a video.online dating, video dating, dating, zepeel

I have to say, if I’m ever back on the market I will be on to Zepeel but for now I’m enjoying living vicariously through my gal pals and the (so far) awesome connections their making. Their number one comment? They say it feels like they have finally scored a way to date that includes personality – finally! They can actually hear their voice and see a real laugh. Authenticity. Imagine???

Now you can by getting started on Zepeel