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Getting your kids to talk

They come in from school, throw down their knapsacks and claim that not a single thing happened that day worth talking about. Then you find out there was a spill on the playground, a fight between friends and a failed test.

So why won’t they talk to us? Getting kids to talk is like pulling teeth and we’re trying to figure out how ways to help them open up so we can develop a trusting and open relationship that will lay a solid foundation for the dreaded teen years. Tune in to learn some of our trips and PLEASE share some of your own because when it comes to raising happy kids – we’re in this together! So tell us – how do you get your child to open up and talk to you?

In this episode we talk about these really great affirmation cards from Anna and Lindy at Love Powered Co. These are great conversations for kids, tweens, teens and adults. We highly recommend them to get the conversation started! Follow them on Instagram!

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