I like to bust stigmas around marriage, menopause, marijuana and motherhood.

How can you break negative patterns and create positive habits?

Tonight we had 3 things that we wanted to chat about but looks like we’re sticking to one because we love the topic so much. Pour a glass of wine and found out how the Law of Attraction may actually be working against you. What you don’t know about the theory behind it could be the reason you’re not attracting what you want. In fact, some of us are attracting exactly what we don’t want. We’ll tell you why.

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The reason we’re even talking about the Law of Attraction is because we all want to break negative patterns. Whether we’ve learned them from our parents or created them ourselves, who wouldn’t rather adopt a healthier way of thinking and living? I know my husband would be happy if I managed to do that!

Monica talks about a game changer who is using positivity to help shape the world. You’ll have to listen to find out why however if you want to watch the documentary and hear from the founder of The 5 Hour Energy Drink – click here. He’s not just   keeping us awake with his drink, he’s waking us up with his passion and dedication to positive change in the world. Hear what he has to say here.

Monica’s word of the week

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This kid just smelled fungus

Smellfungus. Yeah – good luck with that!





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