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Imagine if it was easy to park in Toronto? Now it is!

parking, apps, mobile apps, parking spots, toronto, city parking, parking ticketsIf you’re anything like me, no matter how prepared you are you’re always in a rush! So when I’m racing to work or a meeting or pretty much anywhere.. I never leave myself enough time to account for the inevitable hunt for a parking spot. I live in TO – of course space is tight. Instead of racing around and getting dizzy driving from level to level in a parkade or driving endlessly up and down rows of cars looking for a spot (which always looks like a spot until you get closer and there’s a mini or a smart car already jammed in there), I have a new app!

rover is like the airBNB of parking! You get access to privately shared spaces at FAR better rates. Always have a spot and never feel ripped off – especially with event parking prices. Got an empty parking spot? Sign up and use it to make some extra cash! Win/win.