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Is it realistic to love the skin you’re in?

Growing up, I wasn’t told to love my body. And so I didn’t. Even with all the great efforts by brands like Dove and influencers who encourage us to embrace what we’ve go, it still doesn’t come naturally to me. I rally against fat shaming and body shaming to demonstrate tolerance and acceptance to my daughter. For the sake of my daughter, I pretend to love my own body- warts and all. (Important to note that I don’t actually have warts!).  However, if she could hear what goes on inside my head she would be greatly discouraged. It’s hard to role-model positive body image when you don’t feel it yourself.

Today we’re asking how realistic it is to expects our kids to love everything about their bodies. When we tell them they should 100% accept who they are and how they look, are we perhaps causing another issue for them? Tune in to find out.

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