I like to bust stigmas around marriage, menopause, marijuana and motherhood.

Let’s talk about the F-Word


Welcome to the F-Word! What’s the F word you ask? It could be fabulous, fortunate, far-out or whatever you make of it. Why is it when we hit the 40 milestone, we’re made to feel like the best years are behind us and we’re on the downward slope? Let’s not forget – traveling downhill is faster than traveling up so isn’t this a time to rejoice, embrace and really feel yourself start to get going? 

Monica and Jacq are without their wing-men on this one so we’ve invited three fabulous guests to join us to talk about the whole ’40’ issue. Have a listen to the podcast and maybe you’ll end up thinking the same way we do about it because to us, the F-word is anything but a bad word. 

Vintage InkNo podcast would be complete without the company of a good wine. Tonight, thanks to our awesome sponsor Constellation Brands we’re trying the Vintage Ink Merlot Cab – a Niagara VQA with a hint of spice!