I like to bust stigmas around marriage, menopause, marijuana and motherhood.

Menopause does NOT have to suck!

I was always led to believe that menopause was charted on a course we have no control over. We would simply have to find a way to live with the cards we were dealt . We could not expect a remedy for the symptoms we might go through. In other words, buckle up and suffer through it.

Yes, you can prepare for menopause

The more I look into it, the more I realize this thinking couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, women need to understand how their bodies work and how their bodies are functioning. This will help us to prepare for perimenopause and menopause so we can help to alleviate and potentially avoid some of the common symptoms. For women going through peri or menopause, there are ways to help combat those pesky hot flashes, night sweats, anxiety attacks, depression, brain fog and loss of sleep.

Today I’m joined by Kim Lam, Patient care specialist – Apollo Cannabis Clinics to talk about how cannabis is a great remedy for many women going through the changes we experience during life North of 40. Kim works to support patients looking to improve their quality of life with medical cannabis. She hears three common complaints from women going through hormone changes and she is here to share how cannabis can help.

If you missed our first SHE 2.0 “Life North of 40” event, you’ll get to hear some of the eye-opening information Kim shared with our audience. Stay tuned for more events.

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