I like to bust stigmas around marriage, menopause, marijuana and motherhood.

Menopause shaming

Bad news? Menopause sucks and it’s coming for you. Good news? Going through menopause means you’re still alive to talk about it. The problem with society and women is that we hide from menopause like it’s something we’ve done wrong. Women are afraid to talk about it or ask questions because they are afraid that this is just another thing they will be shamed about.

We’re calling B.S on that. The more we shy away from it, the lonelier we feel going through it. This is a time in life when you want to lean on your community for support and a woman should never judge another woman! Shaming women over menopause is like shaming our daughters over their periods. When it comes to our bodies, knowledge is power and we are encouraging all of you to talk openly about it so that no one feels like they have to be banished from the village for something that happens naturally to their bodies.

And besides, once you get through menopause you can wear WHITE any damn time you please!

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