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Our smart phones are not making our kids smart – in fact, just the opposite.

Is your relationship with your phone creating an epidemic?

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We don’t normally get together more than once a week to share wine and podcast but tonight we’re making an exception for this special topic. The reason this one is so important is because of its alarming message about how our cell phone habits are creating a serious problem for our children. Our digital devices are turning our kids into monsters and it’s our fault.

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IMPORTANT PODCAST! You’ll think twice about your cell phone habits when you hear what it’s doing to your children

Everywhere you turn, someone is on a cell phone or some digital device whether it be man, woman or child. But what you don’t know is that being connected is actually disconnecting us and breeding a generation of socially dysfunctional children.

Your phone, their problem

Thanks to technology life is easier but it’s also created a new way of communication which is making us anti-social and isolated. We’re more impatient because we’re used to having information at our fingertips – when, how and as fast as we need it. But have you stopped to consider the long-term affects these devices have on our behavior? And let’s take it a step further – have you thought about the impact this digital behaviour is having on our children? Smart phones may actually be silencing our connection with our kids and, in turn, their connection to the world. The truth is scarier than we had imagined.

Yep, this is a ‘thing’

Sherry Turkle, renowned media scholar and best-selling author of Reclaiming Conversation. The Power of Talk in a Digital Age recently chatted with CBC’s Anna Marie Tremonti on the Current where she shared her findings on how a flight from conversation undermines our relationships, creativity, and productivity. sherry turkle, anna maria tremonti, cbc, the current, digital age, technology, smart phones, parenting, lifestyle, motherhood, education, child rearingYou’ll be surprised when you discover that the way we engage with our phones is directly impacting our child’s development and creating a generation of children with demonstrated short-comings such as lack of empathy, inability to self-regulate, trouble story telling, trouble reading and intolerance of ‘lulls’. For parents, teachers and society this is a BIG problem for the future generation and we should all be concerned.

Listen here for the interview with The Current

An epidemic?

This problem has been loosely referred to as an epidemic by some teachers who are trying to deal with these ‘children of technology’. Anti-social behaviour in the classroom is on the rise. One Grade 3 Toronto teacher says these kids are demonstrating “lack of self-control, attachment issues to adults, attention-seeking behaviours, aggression, active dislike of others and themselves, lack of empathy and disregard for consequence”. Scary stuff, eh? These children are our future.

Turn off your phone, pour your wine and join us

So tonight we’re having a glass of wine, turning off our technology and asking you to tune in because we both feel that while we understood our digital habits can sometimes be construed as dismissive and rude – we were both shocked to learn of the negative impact we are all having on our kids. We felt it was really important to share this podcast right now and we hope you’ll share this with friends and family who might also benefit from this important insight.

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