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Pets on pot!

cbd oil for pets, medical cannabis for pets, medical cannabis for animals, treating pets with cannabisSome might think we’re going a little crazy with the whole ‘cannabis cures everything’ sentiment. I’d personally like to think we’re actually right on the money! Especially when it comes to helping our pets. I’ve been reading about cannabis as a treatment for pets since the past summer and so I’ve reached out to Dr. Sarah Silcox who is a pioneer in the world of veterinary cannabis use and is one of the founding directors and the current President of the Canadian Association of Veterinary Cannabinoid Medicine.

Dr. Sarah Silcox talks about why and how medical cannabis can help the family pet -at least cats and dogs.  She also discusses the risks and benefits for pets who use cannabis as a treatment for some common and not so common ailments. She’s even got a heart-warming story about a cannabis cured fur friend. There’s a lot of critical information and Dr. Silcox helps us to understand how to seek out cannabis as a potential treatment, where to get it and what you need to know before using cannabis for your pet. Tune in.

In our podcast, Dr. Silcox mentions three articles that might be of interest.

Pharmacokinetics, Safety, and Clinical Efficacy of Cannabidiol Treatment in Osteoarthritic Dogs

Pharmacokinetics of cannabidiol administered by 3 delivery methods at 2 different dosages to healthy dogs


Click here for more on Dr. Silcox and her organization or visit them on Facebook 

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