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Putting PR behind cannabis

Any brand entering the cannabis market can tell you how tricky it is! Imagine trying to build a brand with such heavy regulation and compliance? Today I’m talking to Carol Levine, CEO and Co-Founder, energi PR about how PR can be a valuable asset for brands trying to build trust and audience.

energi PR are pioneers in Canada’s nascent cannabis industry so Carol has a lot of great insight into the challenges and opportunities for brands and marketers in the wild west of the cannabis world.

Will cannabis compliance be more aligned with pharmaceutical regulation or alcohol & tobacco? Carol and I also talk about the major concerns consumers have about over-consumption and how there is a great need for education more than branding or marketing when it comes to winning the trust of new consumers.

And speaking of new consumers…

Has legalization really introduced a large number of new consumers to the market? Would you be comfortable saying you identify as a ‘cannabis user’ if you only take CBD Oil? Or would the existing stigma around cannabis prevent you from proudly stating your position? That makes it even more challenging for brands to reach you!

Carol offers great advice for brands on how they can talk to media and how they can use PR as an effective long-term strategy to build their brands. Tune in to find out what Carol has to say and learn how PR is an important discipline for brands in this new territory.

In this episode

Carol mentions Dr. Evan Lewis – Pediatric Neurologist

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