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Should you consider cannabis?

Aurelia De Pauw, cannabis research, medical marijuana, medicinal marijuana, medical cannabis, While cannabis is being touted as a cure-all for many things (well – everything!), not everyone should be using cannabis? Why? Because pre-existing medical conditions can cause serious damage. Aurelia De Pauw talks about why cannabis is still considered a drug and why clinical trials are so important for both physicians and consumers who are considering cannabis as an alternative treatment.

Aurelia comes from another famously known beer country: Belgium. She has a Master and a PhD in Sciences, followed by 5 years in a Post PhD position in the field of stem cells therapy. Today, she is the Director of clinical programs and medical affairs at Tetra Bio-Pharma. After working all these years in basic sciences and regenerative therapy, she switched from the ‘laboratory bench to the bedside’, in order to be part of a very promising challenge of a drug coming out of the lab to patients. She believes that in their clinical trials, they have the concrete opportunities to offer to patients new therapeutic alternatives to the more invasive current treatments.

Links below to some of the things we discuss during our conversation:

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