I like to bust stigmas around marriage, menopause, marijuana and motherhood.

The biggest thing standing in the way of my success was not what I thought

It’s taken me several years, several failures and many hits and misses to figure out what I want to be when I grow up. There were definitely core strengths that stood out and area that I naturally gravitated towards. However, as with most women, I’ve been trained to ignore my gut and go with the flow. That got me nowhere.

The past few years, with the help of some therapy and  real focus, I’ve started to follow my passion and started a small branded content team and a blog that really excites me. But could things be even better? I still felt like something was missing and I needed some help figuring out what was really holding me back.

A chance introduction

lisa berkowitzNot too long ago I attended an all day event for women entrepreneurs run by The Collective. At my table were incredibly bright and passionate women who all run their own businesses. Call it serendipity or the law of attraction, but this is where I met Lisa Berkovitz who was going to help me solve the missing pieces of the puzzle. However, I really didn’t believe that when I first met her.

I’m a sceptic of sorts. And while I suck at science and math, I am one of those people who need concrete proof in the form of tangible outcomes and things I can touch and see. Lisa has bridged the business and spiritual worlds for over 15 years. As soon as I hear the word ‘spirit’ in the same sentence as business, I tend to disengage yet something about Lisa made me want to listen. Lisa is an M.B.A. and former high-level project manager for Fortune 100 and 500 companies. She’s a master-level NLP practitioner, Reiki master, and master-level coach to executives and entrepreneurs. She is an expert in drawing out the Life’s Work, leadership style, and business decisions of some of the world’s most visionary, passionate and accomplished leaders. If she can hep a Fortune 100 and 500 company then surely I should be listening.

And so I did…

We scheduled a Zoom call for a few weeks after we met. I was to prepare some intentions for our call. This is what Lisa calls “Soul Mastery Coaching” where she helps me to align with the deep truth inside me, clarify and activate my highest “Soul Mission” and true Life’s work through conversation and guided meditation. Yes, on Zoom. Stay with me.

Obstacles become opportunities

Our call began with my intentions and some challenges I was having with my business. I was ready to walk away from the obstacles thinking they indicated a bad fit or bad decision on my part. I soon learned that I have faced, and walked away from these challenges before. They would continue to find me and it was up to me to face it and conquer it or to continue to run away from it. It seems so simple – when someone else says it. In fact, I felt like most of our conversation was like that. Lisa pointed out so many things that were right in front of me. Why hadn’t I seen them? How had I not seen what type of client I should really be going after or how to deal with difficult and confrontational situations? What was holding me back?

It turns out, there really was someone standing in my way all along

Our guided meditation was an experience like no other. Amongst other things, I felt a powerful release and a sadness and loneliness I had been hiding from everyone, including myself. How is this related to business? It’s very much related to business. Working for myself, working at home, I feel isolated and I miss the buzz of activity around me, although, I love the flexibility and sometimes the quiet of working alone. It was all about finding the balance and feeling acceptance. We explored my issue with setting boundaries and how that comes into play with issues that hinder me in my business. These are some old ghosts for me and it turns out they are still very much there.

I had some burning questions too. Was I going in the right direction? Was I building a strong enough team? Was I making the right decisions? It is my nature to second and third-guess myself. Lisa took me through a journey of my past self and a time I felt the happiest and the most ‘myself’ I’ve ever felt. I thought back to my days living in Vancouver. We talked about my future self and what that might look like.

A humbling discovery

What I discovered through all this is that I have been numbing, avoiding and being swallowed up by old narratives and beliefs.

It turns out the culprit was me. I was holding me back.

Lisa helped me to see that I had to pick myself up, dust myself off, reprioritize, and summon my courage. I had to start to get back into shape – body and mind. There were some unexpected tears as I felt a relief I hadn’t felt in so many years. Motherhood, marriage, business and life had all caught up with me and instead of going with that flow; I let it wear me down. I ran away from my feelings whereas Lisa convinced me to just feel them and confront them. And once I did – the fears just dissipated. Poof!

What did I get from this session?

I got myself back. But not just my old self. I discovered the signs of a potential new me – the ‘me’ that is running this business and not letting the business run me. So what of my disbelief of spiritual healing and business? I am a convert. A believer. I believe the two can and should co-exist. I believe Lisa just changed my world and it wasn’t anything momentous but more of a simple, spiritual fix that my soul needed and a new mindset that my head needed. I’m going in the same direction because as it turns out, I wasn’t off course. I just needed to course correct my own thinking and my own beliefs. I am in the driver seat and it just took a different perspective to see that. In fact, I always have been but I may have been driving on autopilot for awhile.

Who is this for?

You, me and anyone who could use some real insight into their business goals, challenges and how they can be realized with less stress, more flow and more alignment with who we are and why we’re here on the planet earth.

I went in a sceptic and I walked away armed with a new belief in myself and where I’m heading. I feel a strong conviction to really make this year a kick-ass year for myself, my business and my life in general. I continually send Lisa emails thanking her. Every time I feel the change or shift, I feel such gratitude for our session and the amazing change it has made in me.

To learn more about Lisa or to book your own session, visit her site. The change will do you good.