I like to bust stigmas around marriage, menopause, marijuana and motherhood.

The challenges and opportunities in cannabis marketing

Ally McIlwraith from Brnt Designs joins me to talk about the opportunities and the pitfalls of marketing in the cannabis space. Ally is the new marketing genius behind BRNT designs. In this episode we get into a deep discussion on not only the pitfalls for marketers but also some of the more interesting opportunities for brands and marketers alike.

Ally is a psychology-based brand strategist with a background in communications and marketing. Her expertise lies in positioning and differentiating companies of all spectrums. And she’s helping BRNT go international. So in short – I’m talking to one smart cookie!

Tune in to find out what brands can and cannot get away with in this new frontier of cannabis marketing.

One of the companies we mention in the podcast is SeedERP. Worth checking out for their new CBD that targets women with menopause (Hell, yeah!)

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