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The DA6 “Get Organized Kit”

I usually feel like a hot mess on a daily basis but this year, Income tax time almost brought me to my knees. From my laptop screen to the never ending paper path in my home office, I go crazy with all the clutter. And a cluttered room leads to a cluttered mind. So today we’ve got some tips on getting your Sh@t together!

Today we’re sharing some first steps to organize both your thoughts and your home. These simple steps are really only the first phase though.  Getting to the core of your clutter is the bigger issue. Sometimes we use clutter to avoid bigger problems – true story. I know this because I’ve just started reading Marie Kondo’s The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying. Marie Kondo, the life-changing magic of tidying, organization, getting organizedIf Marie can get me organized then she is truly a miracle worker. Stay tuned for that update… later.  Much later!

Ever notice right before a big project is due you have a desire to clean, organize or tidy up? It’s not just a deadline dodging tactic – it’s because your mind needs a clear path to think. So the next time you take on a project – try organizing your workspace first and see how much more productive you feel!

Watch now to get started on a clutter free path.

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