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The DA6 “How to be a Cancer Buddy” Kit

We always have fun with our kits but this week was a little different. Like most of you, we’ve been touched by cancer in both friends and family so there were a couple of tough moments in our conversation. Monica has somehow channeled her inner Wonder Woman and made it through but it seems I channeled my inner “Beaches” instead.

This kit is for anyone who has wanted to support and help someone as they go through cancer treatment. As a friend, how do you truly help someone who probably doesn’t want to ask too much? It’s tough to ask for help and it’s even tougher to know the things to do that will help the most. Especially if you’ve never been through it yourself. And there are different ways to offer support and help to someone you’re close to (friend or family) versus someone you don’t know that well (neighbour or co-worker). So how do you offer support?  Monica and I have both had the honour of helping people we love through this difficult journey and we’ve got ideas and a list of things you can do to help someone close to you – or someone you don’t know that well. It’s not easy to know what to do or say so we hope this kit will help you find the things and find the words.

Other ways to show your support glamjulz, fuckcancer, cancer, cancer support, helping a friend with cancer
Why not pick up the Special Edition Hummingbird Bracelet by glamjulz to show your support for the CIBC Breast Assessment Centre at Juravinski Hospital and Cancer Centre. $10 from each Hummingbird Bracelet is donated to the CIBC Breast assessment Centre and the shipping is free!
Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 7.00.15 PMAnd we know finding the words to say can be impossible. That’s why I Emily McDowell. Her cards are so bang on – they are literally written for the elephant in the room. Check them out – they’ll say the words when you just can’t.




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