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The “F-Word”. What has 40 taught you?


What are some of the things that entering 40 has taught you? Are you seeing your 40’s as a time to take all the learned knowledge from the past to apply to your exciting future or are you down on the “F-Word”?

Not only do we chat about the great things we’ve learned and accomplished in our 40’s – there was talk of not being afraid to just let go. Catherine was kind enough to demonstrate how one lets go in their place of employment.

Check her out: Catherine cuts looseScreen shot 2015-05-22 at 7.21.47 PM


And Monica talks about going back to her 10 year old self – or at least her hair colour anyway. It totally suits her too! hairstyle, hair, childhood, 40, adults


Of course there’s nothing more fun than letting loose with great friends over a delicious bottle of wine! We bat around the “F-Word” with our guests over a delicious bottle of Vintage Ink Merlot Cabernet – all thanks to our generous sponsor, Constellation Brands! wine, cocktails, women, conversation, ageing, career, 40,