I like to bust stigmas around marriage, menopause, marijuana and motherhood.

There’s a strain for that!

In my attempt to relax and ‘unwine’ I’m trying to find out what strain will replace my sacred cabernet sauvignon. While strains have no correlation to different varietals of wine – I still believe that I can draw a loose comparison. Today I’m talking with Zoe Brownstone, Cannabis Designer, and all around funny lady. I put Zoe’s knowledge of the different buds to the test by throwing some common life situations for her to see if she can recommend a strain for that.

Some strains that we tackle:

Anxiety – Sour Flower, Blue Dream and Blue Hawaiian

Stress – hybrid flowers like Jungle Juice and Star Tonic

Sleep – A CBD oral spray or a heavier and more sedative indica like Deep Sleep or Jasmine

Focus – Star Tonic and Birds Eye from Tweed LINK

Help? What happened to my sex life? Zoe talks about potions, lubes and suppositories. Her favourite? Love Potion and Vortex

Tune in to find out why Zoe recommends these strains for these situations. Want to know more about Zoe? Follow her on Instagram @zoezoehaha

In our chat, Zoe and I talk about strainprint – to find the best strain and dose that works for you. You can also check out Leafly for more information on the different buds and what they do.

For more on Zoe – follow her on Instagram @zoezoehaha and check out her awesome podcast!

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