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“Was that a hotflash?” and other symptoms of menopause

Someone clearly thinks hot flashes are funny. And someone clearly does not.

Every time I get a hot flash I look around the room to see the average age of the people around me. If they’re wearing sweaters and they’re 30 and under then I KNOW it’s a hot flash. I generally find that women going through the ‘change’ have the tell tale signs:

  • Tank tops and layers in the winter seasons
  • Steamy glasses
  • Always looking for their glasses (keys, wallet, phone)

Hot flashes are just one of the many fun symptoms of menopause and Erin and I are going to chat about some of the other changes your body is going to go through. We even have a fun idea for a menopause “Survivor-style” game you can play with your menopausal friends!

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