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What happens when a cow wanders into a vineyard?

mercers dairy, ice cream, wine ice cream, wine, cocktails, cocktail recipes, recipes, summer cocktails, refreshmentsI haven’t tried this delicious new wine ice cream yet but just knowing it exists makes me literally want to scream for this ice cream! But it’s not just a cone of this heavenly combo that has made it’s way quickly to the top of the craving chart, check out some of their delicious drinks recipes. If summer ever does decide to arrive, these will make for the perfect, snappy cocktails.

Click here to try your hand at the Jolly Rancher Martini, Peaches and Cream Martini, Red Raspberry Dream or my already favourite – the Chocolate Milkshake. You’ll be this summer’s hostess with the mostest!

Unfortunately I could only find one location near me in Toronto – “Exquisite Taste in Wine” in Burlington, Ontario. The dairy seems to favour Quebec but let’s hope we can encourage them to make the rest of Canada happy!

Mercers Dairy