I like to bust stigmas around marriage, menopause, marijuana and motherhood.

What is CBD??

CBD oil, cbd, what is cbd, where can i get cbd, cannabis, irie selkirk, fleurish cannabis, fleurish, jacquie court, jacq court, wine women and weedThere’s a lot of talk about CBD and it’s incredibly benefits for overall health and wellness. There’s also a lot of questions about it such as: what is it? Where do I get it? Is it right for me? I’m chatting with Irie Selkirk, CEO of the Green Tent and VP, Consumer Education and Outreach for fleurish Cannabis. Irie explains what CBD is and how it works. You’ll want to tune in for this one!

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In this episode we talk about a few resources:

SheCann – This is a great resource to find out anything you need to know about CBD and cannabis in general.

Ashleigh Brown – strainprint