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White smile – red wine? Yes! Thanks to this new breakthrough

Colgate, dental care, whitening, brighter smile, dental care
Nothing better than a sun-kissed glow to make teeth and eyes look white and generally make everything feel better and brighter! But my smile isn’t feeling so bright in these temps. I blame my love for cab sav and cherries but the truth is, I’m not going to let up on either of them so I need a solution.

As simple as Brush. Whiten. Go!

The Colgate* Optic White™ line! The toothbrush and whitening pen are my SAVIORS! In just two days I managed to brighten my cherry and wine stained smile! It helped that I also used the Colgate Optic White™ PLATINUM Express White Toothpaste and the Colgate* Optic White WhiteSeal™ Mouthwash that helps to protect from the future staining I plan to do!

So what can I say? It’s true that you can have your red wine and a white smile too!