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Why is Cannabis a women-led industry – and why should it be?

Melissa Vekil, APEX public relations, women in cannabis, cannabis, cannabis industry cannabis in canadaToday Melissa Vekil – Senior Consultant at Apex PR, joins me to talk about why cannabis should be a women-led industry. Because it is a capital-intensive business, it has started off being highly male dominated but we expect to see that change – especially when we look to our neighbours in the south and see that the industry there is has a higher percentage of women at the helm, however we believe we’re going to catch up. We’re even willing to place a bet on it! We’ve seen great examples of women led brands and brands’ focusing on women and that makes sense since women seem to be the primary target for cannabis – and for very good reason. We’ve also seen the great effects of women-led business when we look to companies like Capital One and others. It’s a known fact that a female balanced (or dominated!) C-Suite makes for better business and better business culture. Join us to learn more about what we hope will be a #W2W industry!

In this article we talk about:

Eve & Co and Melissa’s article on her interview with CEO and Founder, Melinda Rombouts

Chanele McFarlane

Capitol One

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