I like to bust stigmas around marriage, menopause, marijuana and motherhood.

Why it’s important to talk about menopause



I’m letting it all hang out on this one. Here is the ‘why’ behind my passion for menopause. Here’s why I like to talk about it and why I think it’s important that you talk about it too. It’s easy to feel alone during a time like this but you are FAR from alone. In fact, this year alone if you are going through menopause you are one of 28 million women. It’s hard to be lonely in a community that large, right? Wrong.

The fact that the media makes us feel old and irrelevant if we’re going through the change sucks. The fact that society makes us feel ashamed and embarrassed to talk about it is criminal. It’s a change and our bodies are built for change. There’s not shame and it’s time to scold society and anyone who shames us YET AGAIN over our bodies. Not cool.

So I encourage you to hear why I’m talking about menopause all the time and I strongly urge you to weigh in and share your stories, your concerns, your questions and your feelings. It can be really tough – but it doesn’t have to be lonely.
Comment below! I want to hear from you! No one should suffer alone!

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