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From wine to weed – but without losing the joys of wine

I’m a wine lover through and through but I also recognize it is not the healthiest habit. I find that I tend to lean on the grape from time to time after a bad, hard, stressful, long, you name it kind of day. There are the obvious damaging effects of alcohol (interrupted sleep, reduction of collagen, weight gain, wine guilts, etc.). And then there’s the fact that I’m role-modelling a crutch to my kiddo. I could commit to going dry but I always wonder how I might suffer through a party while everyone else is drinking and P.S – if you’re the guy who goes dry you are automatically targeted as the D.D who has to drive everyone else’s drunk butts home at the end of the night. Pass.

Your new BFF

alana burstein, vivandoak, wine women and weed, jacquie court, eidblesI was delighted when I met Alana Burstein of Viv&Oak. Not only do I enjoy our chats but she is also creating a wonderful new opportunity for women like me – cannabis infused wine. Did I mention without the alcohol? We’re not talking about tossing some weed into a bottle of non-alcoholic wine. There is a serious process that goes into creating a wine that will replicate the ritual and experience of enjoying a smooth-tasting wine without the calories or the alcohol.

You’ll thank her in the morning

alana burstein, vivandoak, cannabis infused, cannbis infused wine, thc, cbd, ediblesIn this episode, Alana explains the process and gives us a glimpse into the extraordinary Californian cannabis scene where cannabis, not cabernet, is the beverage/edible of choice. It’s been a heroic effort to get this product to market but once you listen to Alana, you’ll realize she’s the kind of entrepreneur that gets things done! You’ll also discover that cannabis infused wine is your new BFF!

Tune in to learn more about the experience and taste of a cannabis infused wine. You’ll feel the effects within about 10 minutes so you can have that amazing, relaxing feeling without the guilt or calories. As Viv&Oak says, “You’ll thank us in the morning.”

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